Welcome to Ironmac Fitness

You just took your first footstep to realising that when you allow failures to make you stronger then real growth awaits you…

Andy McKenzie is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a real passion for improving how you move, feel and look.  You will only read, watch and learn what you need to know. Knowledge that will give you the best results possible, in a language that you will understand.

Working from his personal training space in East Grinstead, UK. The Training Lab is the ultimate testing ground.

Whatever you want to achieve, IronMac can help you hit your target. In fact he can help you go way beyond anything you thought was possible. Here are your key training options:

Ironmac Certification Workshops

CERTIFICATE ADThis isn’t about collecting points, ticking boxes or adding another course to the list in the vain attempt of replicating others.

The IRONMAC Certifications are learning from experience that delivers results time and time again.

If you are a new trainer or a wise old coach then consider this the next step or a refreshing look at training. Andy McKenzie has over 20 years of training and coaching experience.

This is for trainers that take some pride in their own movement. Understanding the need for a systematic process when implementing client-training plans. If you are serious and know that results aren’t easy.

No excuses. Just get it done.

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One-on-one coaching

coachingUse IronMac’s experience and skill to make rapid progress.

‘I don’t work with clients from just a personal training point of view,’ says Andy. ‘I approach this as a coach. The crucial difference is that a personal trainer just takes you through session after session because you pay them to whereas if you sign up for one-on-one training with me you’re going to be coached through a process.’

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Online programming

online programmingLet IronMac create a unique programme that will get lasting results.

A limited number of spaces are now available for on-line programming with Andy McKenzie.

‘It’s the easiest thing in the world to just beast somebody,’ says Andy. ‘But it’s hard to train somebody to get a training response and that’s the sign of a good programme.’

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Iron Disciple Clothing

journey photoWhen you see a person wearing an IRON DISCIPLE piece of clothing…. then you know they follow their own path-

A journey towards STRENGTH

This isn’t a clothing brand that bows down to the demands of fashion…this is a journey to get stronger; to move better throughout life; to learn from everyone and give it back; learn more to give more…

There will be travel, lifting, pushing, pulling, dragging, sprinting, drenched in sweat and hurt..the fall out will be clothing that will actually mean something.

IRON DISCIPLE isn’t for talkers, wishers and dreamers that hide behind a title or a cool t-shirt. It’s for the 0.5% that actually kept going when the others gave up on their dreams.

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